Four4Soaring Launches a Podcast

Hi Soarers!

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I have been dabbling with recording podcast versions of the blog.

The podcast can be found on multiple platforms where podcasts are available like Spotify.

I am using an app called Anchor and my iPhone to create the podcasts and right now they are extremely rudimentary spoken versions of the written blog, but I’ve tried to publish a few just to get them off the ground. The idea is to allow you to a) access the material on the go and ( if for some strange reason you’d like to) b) hear my spoken voice (I certainly prefer my written voice to my spoken one, but who am I to judge?! 🙂 ).

In the coming months I’ll be looking for ways to punch up the content, here is my plan:

First, I’ll record all the existing blog posts (as of this writing only a handful have been recorded). Then I’ll start doing interviews and commentary segments. Lastly, my plan is to augment with video segments using either Instagram or YouTube.

Along the way, I’d love to incorporate your feedback and learn what I can do to encourage you to find new ways to soar! Please subscribe or follow on one or more of these platforms, rate, review and send me comments. I know this is going to be clunky at first, but I appreciate you coming along for the ride and helping me launch into new and different platforms to reach more people like you that might enjoy and get value from content like this.

Here are a few ways to access to podcast.

Click here to listen to Four4Soaring on Spotify

Click here to listen to Four4Soaring on Google Podcasts

Click here to listen to Four4Soaring on Anchor

Click here to listen to Four4Soaring on Breaker

For “one stop shopping” to access all of my content I invite you to bookmark my linktree.

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