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I love this conversation I once saw between Andy Stanley and Jeff Foxworthy – check it out on YouTube – in it Jeff talks about the Prodigal son’s father ( and I think we know Who that is meant to symbolize ) Who sees the son returning from far away – which tells us he was ALWAYS scanning the horizon for his son to return – so it ought to be with people we fear lost – keep the door cracked open – scan the horizon – you never know when that silhouette will appear in the distance walking back toward you. Be ready to embrace them when they return. Are new boundaries often necessary ? Of course! Is reconciliation, repair of deep wounds and a renewed relationship worth the price of forgiveness? Absolutely! It is what we are offered and what we ought to offer each other. #iwant2CUSoar

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…or when you come to the end of yourself, you will find what (or Who) you’ve been seeking all along. I recently heard a podcast talking about how much of our cultural is turning to a more insular “spirituality” borne of remedying and healing our past and present personal list of damaged parts of ourselves. If we are not careful, we can make that more self-oriented, self-aggrandizing posture our way of life. I used to subscribe to this much more so than what I now do now, which is closer to all too frequently slipping into that posture against the stronger pull and guidance of my faith in Jesus. Nowadays my goal is to be less self-focused and be more FOR others and more about pointing people toward something bigger than all of us. Do I get it right all the time? No. Is it worth dedicating my life to getting closer to this ideal? Absolutely! #iwant2CUSoar

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