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At Four4Soaring we typically don’t sell any products. We operate on a donation or patron basis. For every dollar you donate we donate 10% to charitable causes that help people all over the world soar. We use the rest of the money to continue maintaining the websites and media platforms that provide our free content

About Us

What is four4soaring about?

We believe that everyone gets to be who they are called to be, nothing more and nothing less. We believe that the best way to accomplish this is to focus on the 4Ls for living and soaring Light, Love, Leadership and Laughter. Our stories, quotes, jokes and pods are all geared to bring you into contact with things that promote the 4Ls for living and soaring. #Iwant2CUSoar

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Let me know what you find of value and how to improve my content. My kids say I should offer more video content, what do you think?

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