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The videos and podcasts below are those I recommend, They are available for free on YouTube, TED, or the free version of Spotify. Depending on how well this loads on your device you may also be able to play them right here where I embedded them! Enjoy and please provide me feedback on how I can improve this curated library of videos and podcasts. I want more than anything to see you soar!!

How do you spot a chronic in your life? Here are some helpful tips !
How do you know if you are helping or enabling? I give you 5 things to ask yourself.
Season 3 episode 2 of my podcast
I was honored to appear on episode #59! Let me know what you think!

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Mother’s Day Edition

This #mothersday special edition of The Sisters of Industry podcast is incredible The Sisters feature the #ubermother and Yoda to a would be relentless encourager and wanna be #servantleader like me. #inspiring #womenmakeusbetter #soifanclub #soibro

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