People are more important than things.

“People are more important than things.” Randy Pausch

People are more important than things

Randy Pausch describes pouring Coke into the back seat of his new convertible to demonstrate how little he cared about his car as a young man versus his love for his nephew and niece.

As I prepare to sit through this storm (Hurricane Florence 9/2018) my thoughts and prayers are not for all the THINGS that are already lost and will be lost. 100s of billions in damages to be sure.

No, my prayers are for the safety of the people, their comfort and the people that show up to be beside them as they grieve the impact.

We will get hit too, although nowhere near as hard as millions of others, so I pray that goes well, again not to salvage my stuff- although I’d be lying if I said I don’t care about it.  Instead, I pray for the people who will be hurt and who will surely need help once the weather channel cameras and their crews get distracted by something else.

I pray those of us who live in the states impacted, rally around their neighbor and are there for one another the way we are intended to be.

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