God Restores in Unexpected Places and Ways

During a hurricane, a baby lay trapped under a tree in an apartment complex.  The baby was somehow, miraculously, left unharmed by that tree.  However, this collage is not a collage about that baby necessarily, nor an apartment complex where we serve meals to the working poor and homeless on Saturday nights; one where that baby happened to reside when that tree made an unexpected visit. (The bottom left picture is her apartment, the middle right picture is the bed she is was laying on when the tree entered the apartment).

Yes, that is part of the story God told in the wake of that hurricane, however, this collage is meant to express more than that single miracle.  This is an homage to all the people that live there, and the people that I have been privileged to serve with, that were broken and have found healing and renewal. Many, like the tree, or the apartment wall, or the playground (pictured here after rebuilding) have found new life from tatters, from the depths of despair and from the insurmountable challenges of trying to live life without hope and faith.

This collage is about how God takes people like them, and like me,  restores them and makes them whole again.  Often using other, seemingly “broken” things and people to do the work of healing and restoring.


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