Happy New Year 2023

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How to know if you are helping or enabling?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PraRE0RJqIA How do you know if you are helping or enabling? Here is some quick advice taken from John Townsend's book People Fuel. 5 things to look for in 3 minutes. For a longer article on this, check out my Medium article here , A Life Team is an Essential Nutrient for Survival.

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We remember our fallen heroes today.

A Positively Magical(?) Way to Foster Accountability

We can all become “energy vampires” at times - if left unchecked. Our role as leaders is to check that tendency at every turn- both in the culture and, perhaps more importantly, in ourselves.

We rise by lifting others

Here is a letter I wrote to a community I belong to when that tribe was at a low point. When we had suffered losses. When the future was uncertain. Fell free to use this, all or part of it, and share it, when you find yourself in a similar situation. Friends, Today is not... Continue Reading →

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A conspiracy

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