Thinking of adding things to your life? Add depth to existing or new relationships.

patterns. As someone who is trying to grow closer to others and sprinkle as much salt and light into the world as possible before I go, I am humbled.  Dunbar's number tells me a story.

In hope and memory of Peter

When I was a young man, I used to get pretty annoyed when my mom told us we had to be dropped off at CCD (Catholic Catechism classes) at our local Catholic Church.  Turns out, my mom was trying to give me a little bit of faith, but all I could think of was no... Continue Reading →

No Capes!

Have you ever had a leader or manager like that? A parent? I bet we all have at one time or another. How did it make you feel? Empowered? Emboldened? Full of drive and energy to tackle the next big project? Probably not…

I Was You

I was you You wouldn’t know it now My brand has changed What you see now is “The Church guy” The “Christian guy” It is hilarious to me, that when I meet you… You think I am “one of them” I used to sit in the back...

Believe The Best: It’s about Valuing Relationships

I'll never get over how important asking the right question can be.  When I began learning about ministering to others or "doing life" with other people (as the church sometimes calls it), I didn't realize that you could so easily signal the wrong priorities with the wrong question.  For instance, if someone you are supposed... Continue Reading →

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