A call for Oneness in a moment of division

A deeper dive into Andy’s sermon by Pastor Jenn Williams

Unlike these admired leaders above, who can speak on these topics with so much more clarity than I could ever hope to, I am in no way qualified to give advice about religion or politics. I only wish to share with you in this moment that I remember how deeply tied my heart and my passions were to politics before I discovered a faith in something greater. So I get how it feels to be pulled inextricably by a political tribe, and to be much more about who I am against than who I am for.

My attempts to share what they share so well in the embedded talks above, have been paltry. Nevertheless, prior to this election season heating up. Back in May of 2020, I wrote this post on my Facebook page.

Please do not misunderstand my message nor their message. I do not wish to relinquish my rights as a citizen to vote and to stand up for what I believe is the right way to govern this country. That is not my aim, nor do I think it the aim of my favorite teachers above.

However, I want to pause, often, and pray the prayer at the top of this post.

Heavenly Father make us one so we can influence many.

Folks we are truly Better Together and it is Bigger than Us.

Power is not for us. Power is for flourishing. Not flourishing in a way that is about us or for us. The power that we have been given has been given to us to leverage for the sake of others and it is the power we are given to serve something other than ourselves.

Love one another as I have loved you.


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