Grown up trees : An observation

Here are some pictures from my morning walk.

Here’s my observation:

As a child I liked to draw trees. Those trees were always so symmetrical- straight-tall-trunks-roughly-round on top.

Real trees – Grown up trees are not so perfectly planned. Grown up trees – like we grown ups – recognize that life is not symmetrical – life is wondrously full of twists, turns, bends and stretches.

Grown up trees lean toward the light and yet still grow in unpredictable ways, as they survive the slings and arrows of their tumultuous days while growing and stretching on their more sublime days. Grown up trees are bolder and more beautiful than my innocent, youthful cartoonish trees. They are much more interesting too!

#growinunpredicatableways #iwant2CUsoar #trees4soaring

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