Engage with one another

I admire the daylights out of this man and appreciate his impactful TED Talk – learning from others we view as different than us is more critical now than ever.

We can spend our energies disagreeing and dismissing others or we can spend our energies trying to find common ground with one another.

Over and above that, we may need to start with the premise that our fellow humans are worthy of loving and connecting with, despite what we perceive as dramatic differences in our views or vitriolic “first (or even thousandth) impressions.”

Please watch Zachary’s talk at the link below and let me know what you think. {and I’ve also added a related talk at the bottom of this post as well-that describes, scientifically, the why behind the deep divides and hostilities we find today and re-emphasizes and (hopefully) complements some of the points Zachary powerfully describes and prompts us to action around]

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