The power of repetition : a satirical shark tale

…And now this from a white paper I found on medieval repetitive rituals – here is my take on its implications on the Baby Shark YouTube viral phenomenon Baby shark doo doo doo doo do do …… (repeat x infinity)

“Appearances can be deceptive; and medieval ritual practices are in this respect no exception. (Is this why watching baby shark for the billionth time feels like medieval torture?) They perform stability through the codification of repetitive modes of behaviour and simultaneously admit flexibility in their integration of newer forms of representation. ( is this why there are no less than one trillion versions of baby shark?) They mask the historical contingencies of their own creation and construct alternative narratives of authority and continuity. ( is this why our small children pay way more attention to baby shark than any of our commands or wishes?) They do not simply appear; their appearance reflects the mutual interplay of construction and modification.” (Is this why we can’t find the originator to track him down and subject him to aforementioned medieval torture – is it possible that it did not simply appear but rather organically evolved from our shared desire to pacify our small children?)


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