Where did the mirth go?

Hey folks, believe me I want to get back to the terrible dad jokes and puns I share that take us away for a second from the crazy of the world. You may have noticed I stopped posting them-save for a couple of silly coffee references? They will come back someday. I hope you’ll still […]

How can I do better?

We can become complicit in evil if we are not careful. Our behavior in our workplaces, schools, churches, communities and families and the way we react to events can send signals : we can choose to send ripples of healing kindness or ripples of bitterness; ripples of proactive improvement of the status quo or ripples […]

Hello in there – Reprise on LinkedIn

Read the updated post : Hello in there : The call to seek connection and be known on my LinkedIn account.

Grown up trees : An observation

Here are some pictures from my morning walk. Here’s my observation: As a child I liked to draw trees. Those trees were always so symmetrical- straight-tall-trunks-roughly-round on top. Real trees – Grown up trees are not so perfectly planned. Grown up trees – like we grown ups – recognize that life is not symmetrical – […]

Engage with one another

I admire the daylights out of this man and appreciate his impactful TED Talk – learning from others we view as different than us is more critical now than ever…

Four4Soaring quote of the week-Find a Mission that’s Bigger than You

Click the title to see the video and quote. Looking back over this week’s quotes and jokes I wanted to share this one by Carey Nieuwhof, I posted on the various Four4soaring platforms. In the vernacular of my faith, when we come to the end of ourselves we often find that the things we tried […]

New episode of the Four4Soaring Podcast available on Spotify

https://open.spotify.com/episode/7pTdxgWn4gKqyKcjpRFrL4 New Four4Soaring Podcast episode on Spotify! or play right here! To find more podcasts visit our recommendations page! To read the written version of the podcast and see pictures go here.

Celebrating MLK Day

What’s your choice today? How can I help you live it out and soar ?

Happy Thanksgiving 2019

Happy Thanksgiving from Four4Soaring, I am both thankful for you and FOR you each and every day. More than anything #iwant2CUSoar #thanksgiving

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