A conspiracy

Funny thing is, you’re a genius!

Find your humor and genius and soar! I am excited to bring you an installment of Four4Soaring, with the intent of sparking new ways to look at and approach life, tackle the changes we are faced with, and exercise our collective growth mindset as we grow. “A sense of humor is part of the art […]

The Time Traveler’s Guide to Leading through Change

Food 4 Thought from four4soaring We don’t have to change, we GET TO change. The brevity of that mantra and the substitution of the words “get to” for “have to” or “must” evokes anticipation, engagement, and action. At least it feels like that is what the “influencers” and leaders who started introducing this “get to” […]

Your Feed is a Barometer

As you scroll through your social media feed today, the day after the president-elect was projected by the media. The day that some celebrate in anticipation of that projection being ratified, even while others struggle to reconcile whether that truly is the final result of a contested American referendum… As you swipe through stories, as […]

Throw Down your Shield and Embrace the Awkward

Sometimes someone relates to our willingness to be awkward and vulnerable and it brings value to their lives.

Four4Soaring Social Media

Where did the mirth go?

Hey folks, believe me I want to get back to the terrible dad jokes and puns I share that take us away for a second from the crazy of the world. You may have noticed I stopped posting them-save for a couple of silly coffee references? They will come back someday. I hope you’ll still […]

How can I do better?

We can become complicit in evil if we are not careful. Our behavior in our workplaces, schools, churches, communities and families and the way we react to events can send signals : we can choose to send ripples of healing kindness or ripples of bitterness; ripples of proactive improvement of the status quo or ripples […]

Hello in there – Reprise on LinkedIn

Read the updated post : Hello in there : The call to seek connection and be known on my LinkedIn account.

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