Watch the latest Food4Thought : Brene Brown on Freudenfreude Watch and Subscribe for More ! Hey there, amazing viewers! 🌟 In today’s video, we’re diving into the wisdom of Brené Brown’s “Atlas of the Heart” to uncover a powerful lesson on leadership and personal growth. 💪 Brené reminds us of the importance of supporting and lifting each other up, rather than delighting in …

A quote about potential from Jon Acuff from All it takes is a goal

A quote from Seth Godin and his book Linchpin

Reaching out to others

Happy Labor Day in the US

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People change in four different seasons This quote from John Maxwell inspired me to create this short video. “People change in four different seasons.When they hurt enough, they have to.When they see enough, they’re inspired to.When they learn enough, they want to.When they receive enough, they are able to.Those are the four times that people change.”MaxwellTweet

Who do we allow to influence us?

Join me for a quick tip on influence and persuasion. Video is approx 7 minutes

Happy New Year 2023

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